Microsoft Dynamics & the Cloud

Recently I have been asked by Software Advice (click here to visit their site) to share their interview about Microsoft Dynamics and the cloud with Marie Huwe, General Manager of Marketing for Microsoft Dynamics.

The interview is 14 minutes long and presents Microsoft’s roadmap for getting Microsoft Dynamics products in the cloud. You will hear about cloud partner profitability guide, cloud best practices, Dynamics marketplace and other cool tools that Microsoft is planning to apply. For me it looks best that some of these tools will be powered and will be accessible by Microsoft CRM which itself is the first one of Microsoft Dynamics products which is already in the cloud. You see the interview here.

Here is the link to Cloud partner profitability guide and one other pointer related to cloud and Microsoft Dynamics AX with focus on version 2012.

Good Old AI & Microsoft Dynamics AX

Good Old AI Logo

This winter I had lot of opportunities to speak in academic circles. In a sense the presentation was similar to my lecture about Microsoft Dynamics AX to future managers at Belgrade University, but this time the audience was the group that I belong to and which focuses on AI (Artificial Intelligence) application in academic and practical fields.

Good Old AI is an internationally recognized network of award-winning researchers, engineers, and students working in the fields of applied artificial intelligence and software engineering, situated at the University of Belgrade. Almost all the people in the group are young, talented and very motivated researchers or people from the AI field with very deep technical knowledge (here is the link to most of people from the group).

My session was attuned to this so this time it was very technical and was trying to show how easy it is to create new functionalities in Microsoft Dynamics AX and how it is easy to use its out-of-the-box CI (Continuous Integration) capabilities to support agile approaches like Scrum or how to extend it to support high quality development trough software metrics. Here is a more detailed report about my session at Good Old AI’s website:

PKB – Agile Project Management

Belgrade Chamber of Commerce is hosting a mini event about agile project management. The event is supported by PMI (Project Management Institute) Serbia and our Agile Serbia user group.

There will be a presentation of a research about software project approaches used in Serbia, we will hear what is happening with PMI and Agile and I will speak about Scrum.

If you are interested to come (21 Apr 2011, 3:00 PM – 4:30 PM) you can find more details at–agile-project-management.

Do you need advice about Microsoft Dynamics AX or Scrum?

In the past few years, I had great pleasure and a remarkable experience being consulted as the person from the trenches on topics as Microsoft Dynamics AX, Scrum, CIO challenges, or personal development.

I am more than willing to help and try to solve presented challenges, either to help friends and colleagues or someone totally unknown from the other side of the globe.

This happens in many forms: either by e-mail, directly, at a lecture, training or as form of mentoring for seminar papers or graduate thesis.

I had experience with all this forms both locally but also internationally. People and companies come and talk to me, visit us, write e-mails with questions, use sites like LinkedIn and ask questions. I try to help as much as possible, and this has so far made several nice manifestations that I will try to share with you in posts to come.

If you need help with some of the topics that are in my field of interest, don’t hesitate to contact me, and I will do my best to stay up to the challenge and help you.

Some of examples of this include:

VoCamp, Nice, France

During the second half of september I’ve had a great pleasure to visit France and to attend the September 2009 voCamp Nice. voCamp is a camp (workshop) focused on building vocabularies (ontologies).

This year I became a member of GOOD OLD AI Research Network, and changed my Ph. D. thesis topic to finding the link between Agile Development and Intelligent Systems. Attending the voCamp was a great opportunity to see group and iterative-incremental development of ontologies in practice. Being as pragmatic as I am, I submitted two topics which are directly related to my everyday work.

voCamp Nice was a formidable experience. Fabien Gandon was the main host, and he very professionally handled the whole two-day event. I’ve had a pleasure to work on ontologies with many people of different age and occupations.

Here are two photos from the event (more here):

CSM Event in Belgrade – Walking with Giants

I had a great pleasure to be a part of the big Scrum event held in Belgrade.

Initiated by one of the key players in design patterns and the father of organizational patterns, as well as a CST (Certified Scrum Trainer), James Coplien, with the help of his Scrum Alliance fellow members and CSTs, Dan Rawsthorne, Alan Cyment together with by our own Branislav (Bran) Selić, the event took place 8-10 june 2009 in Belgrade, Serbia.

James had already been our guest back in 2004 and this time together with Dan, Alan and Bran  organized or offered this event with Siniša Vlajic’s support and direction. At the Faculty of Organization Sciences (FON) they organized 3 parallel Certified Scrum Master trainings with a fee that was almost an order of magnitude lower than usual.

I was honored to be part of this giants team, and to be the co-trainer for the largest group together with James. On the third day two-hour tracks were given by James, Dan, Alan and by Bran. You can take a look at third day topics in agenda.

The event was organized very professionally and the feedback I received afterwards was excellent. I really enjoyed all the discussions about a wide range of topics that we had in this 5 days (most of our guests arrived a few days before), and it was really inspiring to listen to these men.

For the ending, James, Dan and Alan (with Scrum Alliance’s blessing) gave their trainer’s fees to Sinisa to give it to charity cause of his choice.

The photo at the top, taken after the last lecture on the 3rd day and giving the fees to charity is showing (from left to right): Branislav (Bran) Selić, Dan Rawsthorne, Bojan Jovicic, James (Jim) Coplien,Siniša Vlajić. In row bellow on left you can see Alan Cyment during his CSM training, and on the right you can see James and me discussing scrum with our students.

Branislav (Bran) Selić, Dan Rawshtorne, Bojan Jovičić, James (Jim) Coplien, Siniša Vlajić
Alan Cyment Bojan Jovičić, James (Jim) Coplien

SysDictClass method implementedBy() returns as if class implements itself

Iterator Design PatternDuring my research of iterator design pattern usage in Microsoft Dynamics AX, I was using reflection in X++ to check class hierarchy of some classes that are part of kernel.

In class SysDictClass, method implementedBy() returns list of classes that implement given class or interface. What is strange is that it always returns that same class in this list, as if it is considered that class implements itself.

Finding this very strange, I made simple workaround. It is part of job that shows some basic reflection stuff, and it does not show that class implements itself.

Here is the code for this simple job:

ERP Questionnaire

ERP QuestionnaireFor the purposes of my magister thesis, I have created online version of ERP Questionnaire that I am using as part of the research on relationship between ERP systems and design patterns.

If you have experience in any of ERP systems, fill in the online ERP Questionnaire with your data.

The questionnaire is absolutely anonymous and contains only 12 mandatory questions. It focuses on easiness of creating/modifying various UI (User Interface) elements and the level of support for web development, XML and Web services. Besides that, some questions are asked about the design patterns usage.

Note: ERP Questionnaire is offline ATM.